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Tamil Chat is a free online chatting room website for meeting new people, making Tamil friends, and having a gala time across the world. Whatever little time you find after work or college turns out into a gala time, as you have a blast, enjoy, and have a party every day.

Our website gives you free open access chat room to an entire range of Tamil friends. You’d find all Tamil people here, boys, girls, grownups, teenagers, and college-goers. They are all looking out to have fun and will enjoy your priceless online chatting company.

Spend just a little bit of time over here. You’d come to see that you are making new friends. Share your interests and hobbies, and you’d come to see that your friends’ list multiplies fast in all countries.

Tamil Chat is a priceless online chatting room’s website for the Tamil diaspora from all across the world. People from TamilNadu can get together and gossip over this Free Chat Room. Meeting people from across the borders has now become easy.

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Online Tamil Chat Room Features!

Text Chat

Text chat with your friends, discuss hobbies, opinions, preferences, incidents, solutions, and advice only on Tamilchat.com


Join our online chat room to send free emojis, boost expression and expresses a lot. It keeps a chat alive. We got a range of exciting emoji for you to select and send.

Audio Messages

Audio messages transmitted in real-time bring essence to online chats. Speak to all Tamil friends anonymously!

Online Radios

We got online radio coming up for you shortly. This makes chatting seriously fun! Don't miss it.

Share Photos

Tamilchat.com gives you the possibility to upload and share your photos with your Tamil friends.

Share Stories

Keep your all Tamil friends updated across the world with the latest posts by uploading your best stories.

Group Chat

A free chat room is not limited to one person. Make a free group chat room with young and older users, boys and girls, and people from all walks of life.

Private Chat

Private chat with one person is fun, and all users do not get to see what you chat about. Our website provides a private chat option for your privacy.

Online Tamil World Chat

Tamil World Chat is hassle-free. Get instant replies on your chats! Each chat that you involve yourself with will be 100% anonymous! You are free to talk with your Tamil friends, who may be residents in any part of the world. You can log in and logout anonymously of online chat rooms as many times as you desire.

The quality of our online Tamil chat room stays high, which is also one of our key focus areas. People of all ages find recreation over here. But our online chatting room website is clean and always supervised. This is a safe environment for the entire family to talk.

We use the implements of technology to bring Tamilians people closer to one another such that they find moments of recreation in life. While technology finds many implementations in our life, it helps us keep connected as well. Tamil Chat is just one of the ways that make it happen.

We got even more features coming up in the days to come. So stay tuned on Tamil Chat and make the best of them!

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