Terms & Conditions

Some features of Tamilchat.com are subject to additional rules, terms, and guidelines. They are covered in these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions primarily discuss the legal bindings concerned with your use of the site. When you use the website, you agree to be compliant with these terms.

To access the website, you should be over 18 years of age. In case you do not find yourself in agreement with our terms and conditions, please do not use our website.

Access the site

We grant you limited, revocable, non-exclusive, and non-transferable access to the website. This is entirely for non-commercial and personal usage.


Your access and actions over the website are subject to certain restrictions as well.

  • You will not commercially exploit the site by hosting, distributing, assigning, transferring, leasing, renting, or selling.
  • You will not indulge in reverse engineering, reverse compilation, making derivatives, or disassembling the website.
  • You will not access the website to create similar or competitor websites.
  • Unless it is stated otherwise, no part of the website may be transmitted, posted, displayed, downloaded, distributed, reproduced, or copied.

These terms and conditions apply not just to the current version of the website, but also any future releases, updates, or additions to the website.

We reserve the right to suspend, change, or cease the operation without sharing any notice to you. A third party cannot sue us for a termination, interruption, or any change in the website.

No support or maintenance

We have no obligation to provide any support with regards to the website.

Leaving aside the user content, all intellectual property rights, including trade secrets, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and intellectual property rights are owned by us or our suppliers. These terms and conditions grant limited access rights but give away no intellectual property rights. Instead, the rights that are not granted by these terms and conditions are possessed by our suppliers and us.

User content

User Content refers to the information that users submit to the website. You alone are responsible for the user content that you provide. You agree to provide user content in a manner such that it is not in violation of the acceptable use policy.

We may delete any user content that you post without giving any notice to you. You should maintain backup copies of the content if you desire to maintain it.

You grant us the authority to exploit your user content in any manner, such as using it for other works, making derivatives of, performing, publicly displaying, distributing, and reproducing. We are henceforth not answerable to any claims made with regards to moral rights for the use of your content.

Acceptable use policy

You agree to not use the site for distributing, displaying, transmitting, uploading, or collecting user content, which

  • Violates proprietary rights, intellectual property, or third party rights.
  • Promotes mental anguish, defamation, vulgarity, violation of privacy, harm, threatening, abusiveness, harassment, unlawfulness, obscenity, trade libelousness, patently offense, hatred, bigotry, racism, or physical harm over others.
  • Promotes any harm to minors.
  • Violates restrictions, obligations, regulations, or laws that a third party imposes.

Additionally, you agree to not:

  • Distribute, transmit, or upload data that alters computer data or system.
  • Use the site for advertising that is unauthorized or unsolicited.